Tuesday, January 06, 2009


If I were of a certain degree of affluence I could solve my fin quandary. Thing is, I like playing with fins, you can do cool stuff by shifting them around. But I also like glassed on fins, they feel solid and they are then the fins the shaper who made the board thought would be the best for it. If I had that degree of affluence I could have certain boards made in pairs. One with glassed on fins, the other the exact same board with boxes. Then I could get a whole bunch of cool fins to play with, like these amazing looking Gullwings by Jeff McCoy. Swiped this of the Revolution Surfboards site which is the place to go for Horan/McCoy design thread in surfing. Insane looking 5 spitfire fin board there too, worth checking out. Tim Griffin has his site up too, so that's listed over there in the links as well.

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