Tuesday, December 16, 2008

knuckleheads night out

The rain put pay to surfing but not to socializing. Some of San Diego's finest arrived in a white Benz and we hit the circuit coffee fueled. First Shelter which was mellow, friendly and had some great art courtesy of the Mattson's and Tyler Warren. (The kid can paint) Then up to 'town' and the Friedman circus at Subliminal Gallery. Chaos, line down the block and we only got in through Jeff Ho throwing his weight around and didn't last long in the crush. Ditched there to Alva's Fairfax store for yet more festivities. TA on the wheels of steel in skate grom heaven. The legend is relevant as hell for a new generation. The night was bursts of standing around outside places not saying much interspersed between lots of driving, and it was really fun. Griffin sent some single fin pictures and they rule- I'll have them up on the site next week I swear.


Ivàn Osìo M. said...

And Happy New Year
From Canary Islands

Surfsister said...

Hey, Kirk! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the offer. As it turns out, my mini-Simmons is ready. I'm not allowed to talk about it until the shaper (who's another blogger) gets to reveal it first. Besides, the board is in S.D. and I'm up here in L.A. I will post pictures of it soon. Again, thanks for the offer of the loaner. How about getting together for a session? Let me know.

Surfsister said...