Thursday, December 04, 2008

Big Daddy

So there I am, thinking Andrew Kidman is doing a fine job of keeping all the various projects going down there in Uki (when he's not washing dishes, scrubbing the roof or chasing the cows out of the laundry) and maybe I should send him a nice Christmas Card for all his hard work, when these pictures turn up. Being busy isn't good enough, he's got to be busy and shaping an epic 7'6" gunfish. I bow to his work ethic and shaping skill, and would like to remind everyone that we hope to soon have some of his boards over at Foam and Function. Only surfed once since Monday, but it was a good session despite the boggy tide. Been plenty busy though, certain boards have been passed to unnamed parties in different cities and there may be photos.

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richard esq said...

oh my!
my kidman is 6'3
great blog

regards richard