Monday, August 25, 2008

Mango Pickle Down River

Another of the stock board gems. This one is a 5'5" Larmo Magic Carpet with the juciest mango tint- my photo really doesn't do this thing justice, it's beautiful. Naturally the keels are hand foiled Geppys (extra nice too, they were claimed by a colleague but No-Nonsense Phil decided this board needed 'em, so bad luck.) and there's a resin leash loop. Not that it matters to you, but personally I really love the Magic Carpets, one of the most functional and fun fish styles out there I'd say. Little bit more pulled in than a trad Lis style and a little more user friendly rail design and foam distribution. Larry is a craftsman who knows what he's doing. $750 and it's yours. Once again September is on us and again it's party time. Swift Festivus, 9/5 at the HQ, 340 16th St SD. Details to follow as the boys figure them out. Lastly, I'm making a quick run back to the homeland mid September so any Kiwis out there who may want a copy of Ether or some such item and would be happy to save the shipping fee, I'd gladly bring it down to Auckland with me. Every little bit helps.

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R.T. said...

nice. dig the quad in last post too.