Friday, August 22, 2008

Flat Foot Hustling

A day of driving surfboards around and being thwarted. Off to the airport bright and early I went, the Mackie's are sitting waiting to be collected and I'm stoked. An hour or so later, Customs tell me the boards are being held for inspection, I'll have them next week. I cursed, went to the beach where the waves were atrocious and the day maintained that obnoxious trend. On the bright side however, I have a few stock Swift boards littering up the house, so maybe it'll be your lucky day and my kid will have a bit more space in her room. Here's a personal favourite, a 6'0" Steve Seebold double bump pin quad. Full shred stick action here, and how core is a Seebold board? Finished in mysto SD clear, and I've so far managed not to lose the fins. Epic.

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