Monday, September 19, 2016

Hydrodynamica Reboot

Admittedly it's not that they went away, it's just things slowed down due to issues with finding a glasser who could do the boards in EPS quickly and well. El Jefe Kenvin took the opportunity to freshen things up and the result is Jon Wegener is now shaping the boards, his guy is glassing them and they look utterly great. The first batch we saw contained a range of board models all of which were super high quality, so there will now be a flow of Hydrodynamica craft appearing here we hope. Should you want something like, for instance, a 6' Cyber Sim-esque beauty with tri Futures boxes, it's a mere $700. Usual deal, email foamandfunction @ for the full details. Simmons' design concepts have never felt more relevant than now, and these boards are the source of the wave. The real deal,.

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gerry said...

Damn those exchange and freight rates!