Saturday, May 07, 2016

6' Single Bump Single Fin

Currently under construction by Jeff Beck over at Nine Lights, this rather exceptional custom shape is soon to be graced with some custom art in a very stylish collaboration between two talented creators. The board is a beauty, an incredibly functional shooter that felt and looked great even in this raw state. As the very talented shaper Reverb of the Custom Shapes blog points out in a comment a few posts back, there's a tendency for shapers experimenting with fin design to use very traditional 'retro' shapes as a base instead of a more contemporary design. I'd jump in here and say he's right, but not in  this case- the fin will be a hand foiled single, nothing too wild, but the shape here has a lot more subtle modern tweaks than the photos show. Beaked nose yes, forward foil yes (both concepts I like a lot) but mixed in with modern feeling rails,  a leaner foam distribution and a shape that has a definite taste of modern shortboard genetics in it. Personally, as a huge enthusiast for the 'modern singlefin' style board, I'm excited by this and excited to see shapers taking some chances in that direction. Bring it on.....

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