Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Single 2- Horan

Inspired by Parmenter's sidebar commentary on Cheyne Horan and the single fin, the 6'4" No-Nose was dragged out and put through it's paces, and it's still a big yes. All of which focuses back onto a shadow over that the Surfer's Journal article. Dave Parmenter's words are bang on, but the selection of accompanying images and video- a little heavy on the 'contemporary' style surfers and boards. Longer hully singles and a somewhat uniform approach to riding, exactly the point Dave was making about thrusters to my mind. Where were the likes of these Horan's? The first 3 boards pictured above are modern versions, and the clip? How a single can be ridden. The wave at just over the 2 minute mark? Yes.

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