Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lost In The Ether For Another Year

Dreamboard By Andrew Kidman

"The early development of the shortboard was actually hampered by a few things. I didn't ride stand-up boards  at all, so I didn't know what they were feeling. I could watch them and make suggestions and shape boards, but it was hard for me to get into the fine-tuning aspects of their boards. And that's what good design is. Just about anything will work if the handling is tuned in, but stuff like the fin set up is hard if you're just making a stab at it. You have to ride the same kind of board for years before you can understand all the nuances, and the shortboard thing was moving too fast for that to happen."
George Greenough

"It was one of those boards that you ride and you cannot work out for the life of you, and then you'll just get a wave and it'll be so unbelievable. Then it'll take 2 or three more waves to find that line again and it'll be unbelievable."
Garth Dickenson

Annual Report for 2015

First and foremost, our thanks for being here and looking at this currently so unfashionable 'blog' business. It's been a somewhat hectic year, even by the stupidly hectic standards of life today, and thus there were moments where it all took more time than it should have. This blog is still standing though, and will continue to do so and will be far more of a priority this coming year. There's going to be boards from Neal Purchase Jnr. and Andrew Kidman flowing soon (we hope) as well as the Mackies and Parmenters and a bit of a resurgence of the Hydrodynamica boards, and that may well just be a start. The obsession with surfboard design gets stronger as we focus in on what seems to work, and that too will be something that we will be trying to focus on over the coming months, and Kidman's 'Lost In The Ether' book/film is providing a bit of a jumping off point. It's the best film about the dark arts of surfboard design made we believe, and it opens some interesting lines of thought and discussion that seem to want to be followed. So, as a new year stumbles into gear, here we go again......


reverb said...

...hello Kirk, the Greenough comment is spot on on a problem that us, the shapers, have; I mean, most changes boards like shirts, so they never understand what s exactly going on (wrong) with them...BUT they expect that us can make ALWAYS a magic board out of the blue.

Keep on going man,


Sean Mercer said...

Looking FWD to '16 HydroDynamics!