Friday, August 07, 2015

6'2" Parmenter Channeled MPegg For Sale

Mad awesome! 6'2"x20.75"x2.5", MPegg outline with 6 channels and a widow maker fin setup! What's not visible in a simple photo, especially my chimp-with-an-instamatic style photos, are how good Dave Parmenter is at the whole surfboard shaping business. The foil is amazing, the wide point is forward and just standing there it looks fast, there seems to be a bit more rocker than the standard MPegg and there's a bit of a beak nose rather than the more rounded old school MP style. Epic board, beautiful Waterman's Guild tint work and i's here and available for a very reasonable $800 because it was a custom, but the customer decided that it's not sky blue, or at least not the sky blue he envisioned. If you want this or info about it of Parmenter fins email info @

sorry, it's sold.....

(Important custom board note- either give your glasser a colour chip if you want something specific, or go with what their fume addled colour mind comes up with. I'm spoiled with Waterman's Guild as they do insanely high quality work which counts more than colour for me- I usually just say 'red' or 'yellow' or whatever and let it happen) 

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