Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Parmenter & Tomo For Sale- in the U.K.

Excuse the slightly odd photos, but here's some goodies now in the U.K.- Cornwall to be exact. The boards are a 5'10" Golden Mean Machine shaped by Daniel Thomson, tri furthers boxes and XTR foam, and a 6'7" single fin MPegg shaped by Dave Parmenter with a juicy Tuareg purple tint. 650 pounds each. The fins are the new Parmenter singles, template a blend of Brewer & McCoy, 6.5" high, 5.5" base and hand made and foiled in Hawaii by Brian Bills. The two you see here are in the UK, and we have more for anyone interested in a seriously good modern single fin. 45 pounds for UK friends, $65 plus shipping for everyone else. Email info @ for questions or orders....

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