Tuesday, March 31, 2015

6'7" Parmenter MPEgg For Sale

First up, serious tip of the hat the hat to Waterman's Guild, for the glassing on this. They were sent the picture of Mdou Moctar 's bike featured in the post below and came up with this perfection. Polished so well it was damn near impossible to photograph.  It's 6'7" x 21" x 2.65" and is Dave's take on MP's Kirra disc. Old school in it's way but with the wackier experimental elements left at the wayside to give a super functional board- single fin with the width and thickness up front for paddling and planing power, and a straighter rail line for serious projection, bit of vee through that nice rounded tail and softer rails to smooth it all out. I asked Christopher Kirkley, creator of the Akounak movie and the truly wonderful Sahel Sounds label (www.sahelsounds.com- if you have any interest in  contemporary music this is what's happening in Saharan Africa- Taureg blues, weird synth stylings from Niger, Nigerian auto tune film songs, party Sound systems from Mali- forget those hipster kids with beards who've bought retro electronics--this is the real deal!) what 'purple surfboard' would be in the Tamashek language of the Tauregs. Given they live in a landlocked desert and apparently have no word for purple, not and easy task but Mr. Kirkley very kindly took the time to reply, and this board is officially 'assihiguilli n'amame tedalat taha tazoughai' or 'the board in water that is blue with some red in it'. Best of all, it can be yours for $850. Email info @ foamandfunction.com for details.

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