Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Stephanie Gilmore by Andrew Kidman

Dave Parmenter made the surfboard, Stephanis Gilmore surfed it and Andrew Kidman conceived of it all and filmed it. Dave will make you one of the boards if you want, he made me one and I won't surf it with anything approaching even a tiny portion of the skill and grace you see Stephanie demonstrate here, but it's still going to give me some peak moments.


Anonymous said...

More details please, young grommet!
Steph Gilmore surfing that board is truly beautiful.

Kirk said...

Well, the one I have is 6'6" and as you hear SG describing in the clip, foiled beautifully. Dave's contactable easily and doing some stunners of boards. Steph riding the thing is a revelation, so great seeing a board used by someone so in tune with it, like a master musician. Happy to answer any questions, email info @ foamandfunction.com