Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Reverb Inline Single

So much going on here. On the simple scale of this being an interesting concept that hits several key buttons- a way of reinvigorating and tweaking a classic design as well as the use of a (sort of) single fin set up with a very contemporary shape. There's the fact that in South America, away from what's marketed as the 'hub' of surf culture there's a shaper taking the time to experiment and try boards like this. There's also the level of craftsmanship in Reverb's boards. He does the entire build, hand shaping on up to glassing and fins, and produces some incredibly sharp looking boards. At a time when I've sidelined myself from the waves for a couple weeks, looking at these pictures like these is keeping me from going nuts. More to see over at the Custom Shapes blog too.


reverb said...

...hello Kirk, thanks for the interest.

Yes, most of the times there s a confusion with the single fin boards; most are staked with the 70s image and nothing more; due to that, today what you see round the world, is only iterations of those designs.

joe green blue said...

it seems that it makes it a split D fin,