Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Parmenter- Why The Single Fin?

MM: Why the single fin?
DP: The single fin represents the perfect renunciation of programmed, repetitious, and chaotic multi-fin surfing and a return to a form of surfing that is as free and unscripted as real jazz. Essentially a neutral surfboard design, the single fin responds to rider input with far broader and crisper nuances of sensation than a contemporary tri or multi-fin. Though the myth and old wives’ tale claims they are ‘stiff’ handling surfboards, the inverse is true – they are actually much looser than multi-fin surfboards but require real ability and proper technique to generate Thruster-like speed in low-voltage waves. I am thrilled that so many surfers are revisiting the single-fin design now, but I hope that it is for the right reasons. It would be disappointing to see this trend evaporate into a vogue or pose. Today’s ultra-refined and streamlined shortboards have to be surfed with one and only one kinetic ‘style’ or they will not go, and so all too often on that equipment it feels like it is someone else surfing, as if you are just shadowboxing along with the images you are hypnotized into mimicking. On a properly designed single fin the difference is that it feels like YOU are surfing.

Above quote is from a truly excellent interview Mike Machemer did with Dave Parmenter. The full text is on the Pilgrim Surf & Supply site and is absolutely worth a read. That's T. Curren demonstrating some single fin jazz in the photo.


reverb said...

...hello Kirk, yeah that s right; however, Im more inclined to put a single fin or better an inline single fin (with a trailer inline)on a "contemporary" shape than a retro 70s shape for normal waves round the world.
So even looser board and still very fast. Also modern rockers are better for short action turns, etc.
Saying that, still I do not shape any board with 2 1/4 thickness; I prefer to shape my boards with silhouettes and "hidden" meat but always tapered out to nose tail and rails, so the boards, no matter the design could be functional and not "aggressive" to the eye.
-I have about 3 years of personal experience surfing an inline single fin with Thruster shape and is only compared with a Bonzer design; super loose (but this point is too much for many surfers, that see it as a bad thing!!?) and fast. No recovery after the maneuver like with the thrusters, all in one move (quads have this thing, but the move is somewhat different)

Lot more to say but Im finishing here ha ha

reverb said... the way, I remember that I read that in the Sacred craft editions that R Carrol won, he shaped those channels...with the planer!; technique and self confidence: 10 Dan.

Kirk said...

Fernando, liking the inline single idea- does that work with a FCS plug aft of the box? Definitely agree with single on a modern shape setup, the Parmenter board is definitely in that vein, and I don't see why a lot of very modern profiles wouldn't work as a single with a few minor tweaks. Send a few pics if you have some, I have some stuff I pulled from your blog I want to repost if that's OK too!

reverb said...

...I used glass ons however with a box you have 2 choices:
big box so you can put both fins in it or smallest box and FCS plugs.

-I have photos of mine somewhere, but not digital ones; I think that in the blog I have couple of these boards that I made for a customer to ride in Indonesia (do not know if the boards where used there)
If I find it I ll send it.

-Yes, is ok; use it as you like.