Saturday, December 14, 2013


There was a bit of swell, although as expected smaller and dumpier than I'd hoped (always the pessoptimist) yet there were corners and the flexstik was officially 'tried out'. It's a strange board to paddle, a strange board to sit on and a strange board to position yourself on, but once up and riding there is most certainly something going on. Felt lovely through the couple of small bottom turns that were managed, and when it got moving there was a taste of some serious glide. This one shall be worked with most definitely, and a serious effort will be made to get it into some decent waves.....

Via Cabinessence, one of the most oddly readable surf related things on the web, here's a clip of Mick made under the aegis of Fibreflex.

Mick Mackie ff from Noods on Vimeo.


reverb said...

...hello Kirk, I do not know your email so Im letting this comment Im thinking to build you a board or two for free to test it. You can choose the design (based on what I m normally offer however I can shape other designs)
The main problem is the shipping thingy but may be you know a method etc; some time ago, I took some boards to Japan but is not in my plans to go to California in the near future.
Anyway, you can email me if you are interested or if you can sort out the shipping stuff.

Kirk said...

Hey Fernando, Epic! Actually would like to talk to you about that, I have some plans for taking the new stack of boards on the road and something from you would fit in nicely, I'll get in touch and hopefully we can sort something out- making it worth your while of course!

Anonymous said...

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