Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Wrap Up

Yes, I know- enough Holiday pics. I'll leave it here except to say it was totally amazing, and uch of that was to do with the good folk of Cornwall. The mighty John Isaacs was invaluable, as was Sally at Original Surfboards. They were a great intoduction to an array of the Cornish surf community. Case in point- inside a few days week I got to surf with Gwynn Haslock, one of the UK's first woman surfers and still utterly stoked. When she entered the 1st Newquay surf contest in 1966 there wasn't even a class for women, and she was still scoring gems in 2013. Gwynn was brilliant, living history with absolutely wonderful stories, but still very self-effacing and low key. Other end of the scale of the amp-meter was the mighty Jimbo Bennet and crew. Completely stoked and frothing and part of a gang of 20-something groms, Jimbo would roll up late with his jar of tea, make a few calls to see what was up and who was up then it was off to the beach and he'd make you think it was the best day of surf ever, no matter the conditions- he even won the Men's Juniors at Champs (that's the under 60's in the Bellyboard world). Legends all of them, and my thanks to them all.

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