Saturday, August 17, 2013

Surfboards Pt. 8- Jon Wegener

I've had the joy of doing a few of these 'surfboard shows' in my time, and often in the company of Jon. He's a lovely fellow with the patience of a saint who never once lost his temper after hours of guys in Aloha shirts and corpo boardshorts staring slack-jawed at his alaias and saying 'you can't really stand up on these can you?'. He builds a lovely wood finless slider, he builds a lovely nearly finless slider (the Bluegill in the middle there is still a board I want) and he builds a lovely 'standard' board, usually out of biofoam. The guy is a champion.

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Anonymous said...

i want a pink shirt with a black logo of STUSSY. It's a fukin rad shirt. It would go perfect with my stick