Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sultan of Speed Jnr.

In case you've not seen it over at the Deus Bali blog, Joel Fitzgerald has been spending a bit of time in the vicinity of Canggu, and shaped himself this very stylish looking single fin. Then he went out and surfed it like it was a quad. Genetics are staying true with that family.


Evan said...

Hey Kirk,

Awesome video. I love Dues Ex Machina, I visited their shop in Bali. I wish I could afford their motorcycles!

Do you have an email address I can use to get in touch with you? I want to show you my travel/surf blog


Kirk said...

Hey Evan- nice, I'm stoked you got to check the Bali shop out, it looks like a really nice setup with a few decent waves in the neighbourhood. Email away, use info @