Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hickory Nines

It's definitely been one of those weeks (or two). The need to earn a living, the howling onshores and to top it off my first arse kicker of a cold in years. Not a huge amount of fun anywhere in that lot. Yet, I hate to admit it, the internet has come to my rescue with the discovery of Hickory Nines. It's an English site that basically documents stuff that's, well.... good. The people putting it together have good taste, it hits all the bases I like- photography, film, music, food, coffee and of course surfing. From a very deep well of quality stuff I've pulled a few photos by Shayne House of the Slyder Cup paipo selection. There's much more there, go check it out.


Corduroy Surfboards said...

Kirk , good to see you still kicking ! I judged that slyder comp ( in disguise as a crossdressing brasilian ! ) i'll send you some pics & insight ;) ive got stuff to show you that youll love .. Hope youre good x john i

Kirk said...

Brilliant! Love to see the pics (even the ones of you in your Lambada outfit). Doing OK here but could use some waves- got any spare?