Thursday, February 14, 2013



A Flexspoon that Hawaiian Chris had built for himself by Roberts Surfboards. Absolutely beautiful work on this thing, it's an incredible piece of hand built craft- there's a noticeable flex in it, that spine is a great idea and the fin set up is great. Chris has a serious archive of interesting boards and a really good knowledge of what works which makes him a pretty useful resource at times. I volunteered to go and collect it from Ventura which was entirely self serving. It meant not only did I get my hands on the boards, but I managed a fun surf, a quite informative chat with Robert and a stop at a favourite Mexican restaurant in Oxnard on the way home. Not a bad way to spend a day off.


Electric Sunshine said...

Completely unrelated. You seem LA based...
We went back & forth about the track 16 music show a while back. Are you going to
Saccharine Trust today at the "punk rock BBQ" at the liquid kitty? Not a exciting comment, I know, but didn't see a way to contact you directly

reverb said...

...hello man, in the past I posted some photos of modern fish boards that look incredible similar to the one that you are holding.
The S deck and different foiling mimic that fiberglass part, at least from that angle.
May be you checked those pictures.

Kirk said...

ES- missed the Trust show due to employment, but I would have loved to seen that.
Reverb- yes indeed, it's definitely a template that seems intuitively functional- loved those fins you did too!