Friday, January 11, 2013

Stephanie Gilmore /Andrew Kidman

This arrived in my mailbox, and it is very, very good. Built around frame grabs from the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project, the book documents a 70's style single fin built by Dave Parmenter and put under the incredibly talented feet of World Champ Ms. Gilmore. It's a good concept- one of the best surfers in the world on a type of board she has little experience of, and it's documented in a fantastic speed blur style that still lets you see not only how well she rides but the evident joy Steph has in riding it. Kidman is working away self producing this stuff because it means his vision of how it should be isn't compromised, and that's a rare thing nowadays. You can only get this book here and it's worth it on many levels.

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james said...

Agreed - a beautiful object, like all his work. A little on the short side for the money (especially compare to Lost in the Ether) but still...can't wait for the film! skinnywhiteboy