Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spirit Of Akasha

"The more I thought about it and talked to Alby, the more I realised that the spirit of Morning of the Earth hasn’t really changed — it was about people enjoying an activity that interacts with nature, which as surfers, we still do today. One could look at all the negatives associated with the modern activity, or we go about trying to make something that reflects the positives. I still find myself kicking out of waves stoked — clear of thought, pondering the beauty and freedom our pursuit affords us."

Spirit Of Akasha is the new film project from Albie Falzon and Andrew Kidman, and looks quite spectacular, a deserving descendant of 'Morning Of The Earth'. Check the site, and we'll definitely let you know things like release dates when they are announced. It's a sad bit of synchronicity that MP should pass away while this was being finished, but it can only add to the mans amazing legacy. Photos above are courtesy of (top to bottom) Albie Falzon, Jon Frank, Andrew Kidman and Mikey Smith.

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