Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You all know Mark Thomson as a controversial speed blur on a mat, but he's also a hell of a shaper and quite a free thinking one at that. He does a lot with carbon fiber which is fine by me. This here is twin tip drongo with a reverse nose, and it's only a peek at what Mark's got going on in the shed.


Davo said...

Prefer the rug.

Anonymous said...

Boys and their sheds ;-)

Jamie said...

Had been thinking about something like this - how does it go?

Kirk said...

here's the deal direct from the Tommo hisself:

"The Twin Tips are aerodynamic and hydrodynamic control points
If you could cubically measure the weight of a board the nose is the
heaviest part of a board all double lapped glass and stringer very little
And that is swing weight and performance wise does nothing.
Inverted nose theory reduces water line length and swing weight.
The straighter out line increases drive.
Twin tips have incredible control under water during duck dives.
Remove it and what have you lost in volume..... nothing"

He's also using the nose as a threat in case I drop in on him, but he forgets I have the full Mackie clawhammer tail I've been riding- I'd at least do a little damage as I went down. But seriously, if I had the $ (or better yet, when I have the $) a Tomo Carbon Fiber ride is where I'd spend them. I've had my hands on a couple of his twins and they are pretty amazing.