Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Winner Is....

I've gone on about how good 'Lost In The Ether' is for a while now, and it's not because Andrew's a mate, or he owes me money (actually, I think I owe him money) or some such consideration. It's because it really is an exceptional film. It seems other people think so too, as it just won the Jury Prize for Best Feature at the Surfilm Festibal in San Sebastian. Here's how they described it:

'The latest film by the versatile Australian artist –his fifth, which also comes in the shape of an exquisite book– explores the process of surfboard shaping and how the final outcome is a manifestation of the shapers themselves. Kidman tracks down the single fin board that a young Michael Peterson shaped, the one he rode on that cutback he did on Morning of the Earth.'

Sums it up nicely I'd say, and they don't know the half of versatile- he's officially a family man, a shreddy ripper, a home brew wizard and now an award winning Director- but I bet he still has to do the dishes. Nice work young Kidman, and the film is for sale here.

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