Friday, September 24, 2010

The Zen Of Asymmetry

The above item, dear friends, is a 5'10" regular foot asymmetrical surfboard designed and built by Carl Ekstrom. Carl lives in a elegant yet unassuming house in a quite lovely grove of Eucalypts. He designed and built the house himself, which is sort of a theme with him. Inside the house (which is incredibly organized and immaculate given what he does there) he has not only a museum quality array of cultural ephemera but a functional shaping bay to build these boards in and a workspace where he is designing and building some impressive fins. I will admit to being enthused by surfboard fins, and Carl's set up was the proverbial candy store- carbon fibre, flex resins, new jig designs for fin boxes- I was frothing to put it mildly, and he hadn't even shown me his flex board concept at that point. Needless to say it was an utterly enjoyable visit and should any of you be interested, Carl will build you a custom version of the above board, which is a very nice deal. This one belongs to Aussie Paul who is going to be a very happy bloke in a week or so. He's a mad bastard though, the wave below is one he plans on surfing.


Anonymous said...

Crisp Ecuadorian "Panama" hat.
White wall-to-wall carpet.
Limited furniture.
Alfa coupe.
Saludos aplenty to Mr. Carl Ekstrom and his remarkable craft.
And to you, Mr. Gee.

-Scott H.

Kirk said...

Yeah, the Alfa- that was almost too much and I only saw a photo of it. The man is pure class. Thanks for visiting here boss.