Monday, December 28, 2009

Joe Curren Posters

Joe Curren made a quick visit through town on his way to another cold surf mission. He has an odd life, periods of small town domesticity, tucked away working on his creative outlets like photography and various aspects of woodwork (the guy inherited more than just his father's surf talent, he's got the serious craftsman vibe too) then all of a sudden he'll be scrambling around the country or the globe, three 12 hour drives in as many days and flights to places you'd not expect, and he maintains a quiet balance I can't manage even when I'm just driving to the beach. He's also just released two limited run posters through his website- they are the above shots of Rincon and Taiwan, they are 17" x 36" and available as a signed and numbered
run of 100. Visit his site for more info, and I hope he'll flow a few shots of his current trip for me to post once he's back and film is processed. I'm off for a surf.

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