Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fins, films and Searching For Michael Peterson

So while I was arriving late at El Porto and missing friends (but getting a decent & cold surf) people had the proverbial noses to the grindstones around the globe. The Aussies are productive as their summer comes to an end, Mick Waters has sent these new deluxe Believe DVDs, signed and numbered run of 500 in a fancy digipak and they'll set you back $25. The Brown Birds From Windy Hill have got the soundtrack to the new 'Searching For Michael Peterson' film done and I should have copies very soon. It the same style as the music they did for the Hot Buttered film, it's more or less improvised to the film. There's a really good site for the film at although no word on release/distro up here yet. The ever on it Tim Griffin has made available the Lynch fins I've been loving on the single (oh man, that thing on a decent Porto wall with a bit of juice was utterly awesome by the way), probably out of relief that I haven't ruined his board. Centre fins run $50 and the nice little Lok Box sidebites are $30. When I finally get one of these boards I think the widowmaker set-up is the go.

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