Saturday, September 13, 2008

Future Deadlock

Ekstrom, Kenvin, Asymmetrical.

This is the past and the future at the same time, the sort of thing Einstein was blowing people's minds with when he was proving the 'time is not relative' stuff. He had a lovely little thought experiment involving two lightning strikes, two observers and a train, and I bet he would have dug this. There's the story behind this over on the Hydrodynamica blog which RK has been updating like a champ of late. Please visit. Also visit the warbles blog as RT came by, dropped some serious science on me, collected the Mackie flextail and went home. He'll have it for the next couple of weeks while I'm in the homeland and hopefully will be posting a few ride reports. I rode it this AM and was utterly stoked- the waves were LA- mostly closeouts and a few little short peaks, but there was some push and the board felt GREAT. Couple of screamers in chest to head closeout lefts, one with a railgrab and down-the-line run after whipping through a bottom turn I didn't think I could do any more. It axed me, but I got further than I thought I would. Quoth the older gent paddling out: 'Shit, that little thing flies doesn't it?' Yes sir, it does. Still buzzing on what should have been a marginal session and best of all Mick is back in the shaping bay. There'll be new boards soon, and a 5'10" sidecut fish and a 5'9" flextail fish will be up for grabs I hope. If you're interested email me at consafos at The other Mick in Australia is on it too- Mick Waters has a new short promo for the upcoming 'Little Black Wheels' film at
It's going to be a good one. Sometimes I look at all the awesome stuff going on around me and I can't believe my luck. I'll be surf free in Aotearoa so go catch a few for me.

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