Friday, February 01, 2008

Wecome, New Blogging Friend

One of the finest examples of womanhood ever, San Clemente's own Raquel Tejada with Ringo as Youngman Grand in 'The Magic Christian'. Cinematic genius

Got word that the notorious A. Youngman, aka Dan Diknamwer, aka the Slayer Of Rincon, has joined the blogging ranks at At last, someone who's blog will be updated less often and make less sense than mine.


steiny said...

ay cabron- you have no idea how that movie effected me as a young feller.
we live in parallel universes. i hope
you got some of this steep nw- it was pretty big up here. i got 6 or 7 fought the current and wished i had a leash and a bigger board

Anonymous said...

Kia ora Kirk!
Is Ether still available through Andrews website, or should I order straight through you? (I'm in NZ).

Kirk said...

fire me an email at consafos at and we'll get you set up.
I'd take some steep NW- I got windswell. Glad you're a Christian fan-that film, I Love You Alice B Toklas and Bedazzled (the Cook/Moore one of course, not the recent abomination) corrupted me totally as a youth.

ol' uncle stein said...

more steep nw today. i will taking another hit from the hull crackpipe after a busy day of cleaning whale bones. terry southern's book the magic christian was a reread and reread of my teen years. one of the nice things about having kids is encouraged their cultural literacy, cheech and chong, hijo de santo, friday, nwa, vicente fernandez- you know the culture. back to the whale bones.