Monday, December 17, 2007


5'4" biofoam Eaton Bonzer kneeboard, shaped by Joe Bauguess

Swiped this picture of the Wetsand website- they have their bricks & mortar shop up and running and Andrew Kidman will be there Jan 11th around 8pm. There seems to be a really awesome array of boards there, the vast majority of them made with the kind to the environment biofoam that Wetsand had a hand in developing. Not many places you can go and find an off the rack super hi-tech Stanley Pleskunas flexfish and a Wegener wooden recreation of an ancient hawaiian board (both reasonably priced I might add). The much ballyhooed death of the shaper through foreign imports seems to have bypassed this place. I like going to Ventura anytime, but this is going to be an extra fun tour stop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk...can't wait for the event.

and just a heads up...Bauguess.

Kirk said...

Oops. Thanks Brooke- just to confirm I'm a total dumbass I have his name in front of me. Come say hi at the show.

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to make a blog yesterday: and

Let me know if there's any promo stuff that we can do at WetSand to help the book tour. Press Release...stops on the tour...etc.

Chum said...

I've been all over Wetsand lately, checking out the amazing biofoam board selection online. Damn, I wish they ship boards, but at the same time, it may be a good reason to head south this winter.

PS - are the current boards on the website up to date or are there more?


Erik Hakon Olson said...

This is one of my favorite shapes I've seen on the Wetsand board page.

Kirk said...

No faint praise coming from you Mr. Olsen- you have a couple of nice boards in there yourself, and the 'Purple People Eater' board Shelter had was awesome