Saturday, May 12, 2007


The mighty Ben 'Chipfish' of Swaylocks fame with a 5'6" Indian Ocean kneelo. He's looking out at the Indian Ocean too. Ben is one of the most surf stoked people I've ever encountered. He surfs every opportunity he gets, he's absolutely fin obsessed and rides mostly reshaped boards with more plugs in them than you'd imagine possible. Owing to back injury he's been out of the water a bit lately, and so has been laying up dozens of fin panels and making some wild looking combos. After our decent burst of swell last weekend it's easy to get overly grumbly about this weeks lack of anything (especially since I have a new fin for the Horan) so I'm posting Ben as my reminder that it will indeed be 'all good' and that even a couple of short rides on junky waist high surf still counts.

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