Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quiver #3

6'4" Cheyne Horan 'No Nose'

This board has a single starfin and is fantastic, loose but fast and drivey like a regular singlefin. Perfect step up from a fish and it has a feel all it's own. I'm happy to be on the Horan program- he's a cool guy and a truely independent thinker when it comes to surfing.
Both links worth your time following.


pushingtide said...

Looks very interesting. Always wanted to try those out. Love the single stylee!

What are the full dims, if you don't mind?

Kirk said...

Hey Pushing,
Dims are 6'4" 12"/20"/16" and it's 3" thick- after a couple of surfs I totally love the thing. I could easily handle one smaller all round but it's going to be perfect as a step-up board from my fish. I'm liking boards smaller and smaller I find. Love that starfin too.

Kirk said...

Oh yeah- love those recent photos on your blog. Made want to get in the water despite the cold!

Sharkbait said...

That looks like a fun fun board!