Friday, March 24, 2017

Stpnk Surfboards From Griffin Stepanek

5'4" Keel Fish $725

5'10" Quad %675

6'2" Diamond Single $675

Very, very happy about these. Very. Young Griffin Stepanek is from San Diego, and is very well steeped in the surf culture of that town, especially the design elements. He started shaping as a pre teen and was able to be around a lot of the area's masters gleaning knowledge, to say nothing of being  one of the Hydrodynamica test pilots back in the days of the Great Mini Sim Expansion along with his mates Lucas Dirkse and Ryan Burch. All this has paid off and Griffing has settled into being a damn good shaper, as these initial offerings show. The aesthetic is minimal but the boards are very sophisticated. That fish is a joy to hold given how many not so great fish are clogging the racks and lineups of the world. The rails are sharper, the foil sleeker- there's Frye in there, but the kneeboard roots of the shape are definitely in effect. The pintail Quad is definitely performance, and one of those shapes that you hold and can just feel the rightness of. The single- beautiful. Hard to capture with a photo (even had it been taken by someone good at  photos) but it's no retro gesture- beaked nose and a beautifully foiled and thinned tail. Seriously wonderful, and all available. Email for details and you'll definitely be seeing more of these boards- we're already planning the next round.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

5'8" Neal Purchase Jnr. Twin plus Trailer Available

Neal's been just killing it with the boards lately, and a few extras have been sneaking through like this little darling of a Twin Plus. 5'8" x 20" x 2 7/16", these are Neal's version of a performance twin- very fast and responsive, but with plenty of area for paddling power the glide through flatter sections/waves. Nice grey tint as a bonus, and due to those spots you see on the nose a bonus price of $1100 too. If you're interested just email and we'll get you set up. Finishing up another batch of boards to arrive inside the month and the next order is getting set up too so if you want a custom get intouch and we'll make it happen.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Excuse Our Absence- Here's some surboards....

Dave Parmenter adding finishing touches to a 6'6" channeled single

Utterly cherry (if slightly crooked) Neal Purchase Jnr. Duo

Griffin Stepanek diamond tailed single in a nice clean new shaping bay

Kidman/Parmenter Widowmaker sets from Alkali- freshly restocked

It's been a while, but we have excuses. Aside from the everyday banalities of needing to earn a living and so forth, things have been busy. There's a website rapidly approaching completion, there's a trip to the UK/France being organized for the awesome Wheels & Waves event in June and there's so much good new stuff about to land in our laps.
Dave Parmenter has been whittling foam like mad- pictured you see a soon to be available 6'6" Channeled Single but there's also a fresh 6'9" widowmaker and an awesome 6'4" channeled single based on what Rabbit Bartholomew was riding in those weird days right before the thruster took over,  More on that very soon.
Neal Purchase Jnr. is on form, there's a new batch of boards being prepared right now for those who want customs, there's a 5'8" 2+1 and a 5'8" twin + trailer available now for some lucky souls and a special in house Duo in the works but more on that soon.
The first batch of boards from former San Diego scallywag turned up-and-coming shaper Griffin Stepanek are arriving this week, a 3 pack of single, twin and quad designs, beautifully minmal and supremely functional, but more on that soon.
New batch of Alkali fins! We're restocked on 6.5" & 7.25" classic singles, widowmaker sets a fresh 10" flex fin and size L t-shirts! More on those soon.
Curmudgeon renaissance man Andrew Kidman has a brand new set of Wayne Deane crafted shaping racks and the first boards of them are a longfish and a Dreamboard destined for us, but more on that soon.
If you're interested in any of the above, or just have something worth telling us, is the contact. Thanks for your time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guild Surfboards

The above boards are the Matchbox model from the new Guild Surfboards label, courtesy of the fine gents at Waterman's Guild. They are our glass shop of choice in Southern California, a family run business who have been putting the outsides on surfboards for over 30 years and are Dave Parmenter's choice for the finishing touches on his boards which is good enough for us. They've made what seems a natural leap into board production as they have access to some excellent young shapers, Griffin Newman who's worked with the likes of Almond in this case, and a great facility. Guild Boards are the more 'classic' line of shapes while eclectic/HPSB designs will come out through Vega Surfboards. The output so far has been seriously impressive, especially this Simmons-esque Matchbox model. They have these two in stock, the Orange/Black is a 5'6" with glassed on keel fins (black glassed on keel fins- told you they were good) and runs $740 while the 5'4" has quad boxes and is $655. They're in the Guild store here and we will definitely be showing you more, including a new project that's just gotten underway.....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

5'8" Neal Purchase Jnr 2+1 For Sale

Bit of a stunner this one, already dubbed the Black Widow. 5'8" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8", matt black tint from the wizards at KMD Surfboards, custom NPJ fins. Indulge your inner Nick Cave. $1175

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Ellis Ericson Keels In Action

Via Banks, here's Jason Salisbury putitng one of Ellis' twins through it's paces in Bali complete with a set of the Alkali keels. Utterly fantastic bit of finnage these, Ellis used his own experience in what he wants from a twin with what he learned from time spent with the master George Greenough, and the good folk at Alkali provided the hands on building skill. Almost sold out of our stock, but there's a set left. $130, email for details.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year: New Boards From Griffin Stepanek

New Year, new start, new horizons. After the horror that was 2016 and after the last few posts of gloriously tinted, juicy eye poppingly fine resin work, it feels right to start with an aesthetic palate cleanser. The above boards were shaped by former Yard Possum alumni Griffin Stepanek. After spending much of his young life in San Diego surrounded by and riding some very classic and very interesting craft, Griffin has put these experiences to pratical youth and is shaping some very, very clean craft. We're excited that we'll have some of his boards available- these young guys are the next wave of where surfboard design will go, and a positive aspect of some very strange times indeed. 

Thanks as always for your attention over the past year, it's always good to know there's others out there that get this. Onwards and upwards....